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"Make a positive impact. Everyday."

A simple mantra. A mantra that’s become a mission and spurred the idea to create a recruiting organization startup truly engaged in collaboration, valuing, and allowing clinicians to tap in to their passions. That is where the impact is made.

FoundCres is a startup staffing organization that believes in making an impact, promoting inclusivity and diversity, supporting OUR youth, facilitating relationships, and offering individuals a full circle opportunity to maximize their abilities. Realizing challenges and opportunities to properly address the need of services to students and patients, FoundCres was founded.  With over three cumulative decades of staffing, recruiting, and retention experience we are connecting and placing quality Education and Healthcare Professionals via teletherapy that benefits all stakeholders. Even before the pandemic, having teletherapy. a qu brought to the workforce. We realized that many young people were struggling to find meaningful work that aligned with their values and goals. We also recognized that many employers were looking for talented and diverse candidates who could bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to their organizations. That’s why we decided to create a platform that connects employers and job seekers who share a vision of positive change. Our mission is to help all parties and stakeholders, best receive services in a collaborative digital forward way. We are more than just a staffing agency. FoundCres is building an integrated holistic community of impact-makers, inclusion-seekers, and youth-empowerers. This extends not just to our teammates but to everyone we serve. Everything is connected. Those connections are where FoundCres will make an impact.

We value all of our clinicians, teachers, districts, and organizations we partner with as more than a number or dollar sign. Join us today and let’s make an impact together!

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